We Do Tree Removal in Roxbury, CT

Need a Tree Service in Roxbury, Connecticut?  Our Tree Removal Experts have done tree work throughout Litchfield County.

When you contact us, one of our tree experts will assess the scope of your project for no additional cost. Our professionals then apply cutting-edge technology to remove branches, trunks, and hazardous limbs from your property.

Furthermore, all of our climbers and bucket specialists are well-trained, certified tree experts.  To become a specialist, our new hires must complete rigorous risk management training and properly execute safe tree removals. We are not just another bunch of fellas with a truck and ladder who scatter cigarette butts all over your lawn during the job.  We are mostly family men and take pride in a job well done.

​Do you have a dead or hazardous tree that needs to come down?  Call us today for a Free Tree Work Quote at 860-265-4742

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3 Reasons to Remove Your Tree Today:

#1 Your Backyard Tree is Still Dangerous

Trees can pose a threat to your home.  Imagine that you and your family are sitting in your living room and unexpected strong winds cause a tree to come crashing through your window. Just writing this scenario sends chills up my spine, but I know I need to get through to you. Unfortunately, I have pulled trees out of houses more times than I can count.  Don't wait until its too late!  Our friends at New Fairfield Tree Service can help you as well - if you're in the New Fairfield, Connecticut Area.

#2 Storms are Always Coming to Connecticut!

Welcome to CT, the only state aside from Florida where there is almost always a storm on its way to crush Connecticut. Storms often cause severe and costly damage, so it is essential to have our professionals remove your tree before it comes down in a storm.

#3 Dead Tree Removal is Prevention

The absence of leaves or premature browning of leaves is a good indicator that your tree is dying. It is particularly important to recognize and remove a tree if it could possibly fall on your home.  Roxbury Landscaping is ready to help with all of your tree work needs.  You're literally one call, one free quote and one quality tree job away from peace of mind.  Call us today for a 100% Free Estimate at 860-265-4742


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