Learn How to Buy the Right Snow Blower

Living in the northeast or northern America there is a tool that is a necessity for winter. No matter where you live, in a city or in the suburbs, a snow blower makes winter livable. Choosing the right snow blower comes down to several factors; snow, gas or electric, and price. It is important to know what type of snow you would typically deal with. Light snow fall or powdery snow you can use a single stage plow. A single stage blower can handle up to about four inches of snow. This is because the single stage as a single auger, the barber pole blade that pushes the snow into the blower to shoot it in your intended direction. Now that is more than five inches and that clump together you would want to go with a dual stage blower.

The dual stage blower as an auger and another blade called an impeller. How this works is that the auger pushes the snow into the impeller which breaks down the clumpy snow and allows a more powdery snow to leave the blower. This reduces stress on the blower helping it to last longer and chew through snow better. if you are living in a place where a light flurry is two feet of snow then most professionals would recommend a three stage snow blower. The three stage also has the auger and impeller, but also has an accelerator.

These are heavy duty machinery and should be used with caution.  The next step is find what suits you a gas or electric blower. In the past couple of years cordless electric blowers have becoming more common on the market place. simply charge in your garage. They have also gotten more reliable, but they are good for use up to about seven inches of snow. Electric snow blowers that use cords are slightly better than their cordless counter parts. Gas blowers wither single, dual, or triple stage offer more power than the electrical counter-part, but are more expensive.

Electric snow blowers can range from $300 to $700, while gas blowers range from $400 to $2,400. The best brands to look out for when buying new gas blower are Cadet, Craftsman, and Troy-Bilt. These brands are very reliable and are engineered to run smoothly so that there is very little hassle for the operator. For compact and single stage gas blowers Honda, Yard Machine, and Toro Power they are not as good at handling as their more expensive models, but they get the job done. Watch out for Power Smart and Poulan Pro they are slower and use more gas. Cordless and corded electric brands that have become popular are Craftsman, EGO, and Toro Power. These brands are efficient at their use of energy, reliable, and easy to use. Whether you are in a blizzard or cleaning up after a flurry having the right blower will make winter a paradise to be in.

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