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Welcome to Roxbury Landscaping, your home for all your landscape and lawn services in the Roxbury, Connecticut area.  As a Landscaper near you, we’re 100% dedicated to providing our customers with a beautiful, well-maintained landscape.  Whether you’re a local homeowner, Roxbury Seasonal Resident and looking for residential landscaping service or you’ve got a business in town that’s in need of commercial landscaping services, we’ve got you covered.  We’re well known in Fairfield Country for our quality and affordable lawn maintenance and landscape services.

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  • Landscape Design Services to turn your Vision into Reality

Looking for the right landscaper in Roxbury, CT to help with your lawn, home and outdoors?  We're directly affiliated with the Grounds Guys and have the know how to help you with any job big or small.  We help many local Roxbury residents with their lawn care needs.  Besides the routine mowing and lawn maintenance we go above and beyond to help will planting, mulching, weed removal, lawn designing, and much more. Learn More.

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Lawn Care-Conveniently Servicing all of 06783 and surrounding towns

  • Residential Lawn Care for Your Home
  • Commercial Lawn Care for your Office, Business or Place of Work

Hiring a landscaper can be difficult.  You want a landscaper that can help you with more than just mowing your lawn when the grass gets too high.  Our lawn maintenance staff will be happy to assist you with anything land or lawn work you need to keep your home as beautiful as the day you moved in.

Many Roxbury residents appreciate our weekly lawn maintenance help because we're always on time.  We've also heard fantastic reviews from local homeowners who appreciate the help of our landscape designers, fall clean-up crew and snowplow drivers during the winter months.

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We're known as Roxbury's Landscape Design Specialists.

Snow Plowing-Professional Ice & Snow Removal Services in Roxbury

  • Affordable Snow Plowing services in Fairfield County
  • Commercial Snow Removal for your Business
  • Reliable Snow & Ice Removal in Roxbury, Connecticut

The words reliable and snow removal often don't get along well in the same sentence together.  We're homeowners ourselves and know the pain of getting up in the morning expecting a plowed driveway, but realizing that plow hasn't made it to your house.

We know the ins & outs of removing snow from a driveway, parking lot or office sidewalk.  Our team is dependable and very careful with your curbs and recently paved driveway.  The most important thing to remember when getting new homes to plow or parking lots to clear is making sure you have enough staff.  Every good landscaping company knows that even the most dependable workers cancel during the winter months.

We make sure to only take 75% of the jobs come by our desk to ensure that even with the perfect storm of employees calling out we'll be able to remove the snow from your parking lot, driveway or walkway 100% of the time.

Residential Lawn Care and Excellent Lawn Maintenance Services in Roxbury, Connecticut

Having a beautiful lawn means having people over!  When your friends and family adore your green grass, sculpted shrubbery, manicured trees and freshly mulched flower beds it feels really good.  What feels even better is that you didn’t need to slave for hours working in your yard.  Let Roxbury Landscaping give your time back so you can spend it on what really matters to you.

We’re a full-service landscaping and lawn mowing company meaning that we offer landscape design, lawn maintenance, landscape installation in Sandy Hook Connecticut and neighboring towns.  But the work we do doesn’t stop there.  We’re here for the long haul and will take care of your property for all four seasons!

Roxbury Connecticut Residential Lawn Care Services:

Lawn Mowing

Spring Cleanups

Fall Cleanups

Bed Mulching

Bed Maintenance

Pruning/Hedge Trimming



Tree Removal

Grass Trimming

Landscape Design

Patio Design

Backyard Design & Installation


Sod Installation



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Quality Tree Work in Roxbury

Tree Removal is disaster prevention!  Our beautiful state of Connecticut is known for the brutal storms we get every year.  If you see a tree that's leafless during the summer months - chances are it's dying or dead.

Dead tree removal is the key to preventing a sudden storm from dropping that very tree on your house.  How many times have you looked outside and said to yourself.. "I really think I should get someone to take a look at that tree?"

Our Tree Service Professionals can take a look at that tree today.  Simply call us at 860-265-4742 or Learn More about the tree work we do in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

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